Per Anders Nilsson, Susanna Lindeborg, Thomas Jäderlund, Anton Jonsson och Merje Kägu

Natural Artefacts is a Swedish improv group that have played regularly since 2000. After a break in 2015, when saxophone player Ove Johansson passed away, the original members Susanna Lindeborg and Per Anders Nilsson created a second edition in 2018 together with the two young musicians Merje Kägu and Anton Jonsson on guitar and percussion respectively. In 2022 the group become a quintet when sax player Thomas Jäderlund joined.

”I wonder how Joe Zawinul would have got on with fellow-Austrian Arnold Schönberg? Imagine a world where improvisational flair, funky jazz figures and a world-ranging poetic sensibility sit well with the strictures of serialism or a literate awareness of the European classical tradition. Add to that the possibilities inherent in a post-musique concrète, post-Cage, post-minimalism sensibility and you have some idea of the sui generis poetics of this quite extraordinary quartet.” Michael Tucker in Jazz Journal reviewing the 2019 album The Crux.




  • Natural Artefacts at Swedish Radio June 4

    As of June 4, at 21H, CET, a concert recorded at Nefertiti Jazz Club in Gothenburg will be transmitted in the Swedish Radio, channel 2.…

  • Release concert May 7, 2024

    May 7 the official release of Signs and Symbols took place at a concert at Cinnober Teater in Gothenburg. The concert went well, and the…

  • New Album: Signs and Symbols

    Our latest album Signs and Symbols was released at LJ Records April 2024. The album was recorded at Studio Epidemin in Gothenburg, Sweden by Johannes…

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